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Posts in the Category


Posts in the Category


Wedding Centerpiece Ideas from Traditional to Trendy

When you walk into a reception hall, what’s one of the first things to grab your attention? The beautifully colored and pressed linens streamed on the tables and chairs? The fine china and perfectly polished silverware neatly in its place? The awesome lighting and dance floor? Or, is it the decor situated perfectly in the […]

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How to Capture the Best Wedding Photo Shots as a Couple

Pictures are a staple at weddings. They help to capture the very essence of the day and create memories to be shared for a lifetime. Some of the most important photos taken of the bride and groom are those done by a professional photographer. It is these photos that are often placed in photo albums, […]

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Meaningful Ways to Say Thank You to Wedding Guests

Your friends and family have gathered together to witness your union with your future life partner. They’ve cleared their schedules, saved their pennies, chose the perfect gift, and traveled from near and far to make sure they were in attendance on your wedding day. Their presence means the world to you and you want to […]

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Wedding Invite Details You Don’t Want to Leave Out

You’ve finally set the date and booked the venue. Now the time has come to let your guests know about your upcoming wedding and reception. Your invitations are the first representation of your wedding day your guests will receive, so you want to make a good impression. Not only that, but your guests will rely […]

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A Short Guide to Selecting Wedding Colors
Posted in Trends, Weddings

One of the first details you’ll need to figure out about your upcoming wedding is the color scheme. From the invitations and bridal party attire to the ceremony decor and reception design, the colors you choose will be tied into every element of your plans. With so many colors, shades and hues to pick from, […]

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Here’s How You Plan a Rockin’ Wedding Reception

The wedding reception serves as the big party after you’ve tied the knot. It’s where your family and closest friends gather to celebrate your love and union. After all the tears and emotions the intimate ceremony likely drudged up, you want to make sure that your guests have a good time and let loose. Though […]

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Summer Wedding Dress Shopping Tips You Don’t Want to Forget

As you begin to shop around for the perfect wedding dress for your summer wedding there are a lot of things going through your mind. Which style is best suited for your body type? What are some of the latest bridal fashion trends? How much can I afford to spend on a wedding dress? Yet, […]

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Unique Ways to Personalize Your Bridal Bouquet

Your wedding plans are in full effect and the next item on your list is a bridal bouquet. Perhaps you have some general ideas of which flowers you’d like to choose, but there’s a lot more that goes into the design. Acting as an accessory to your wedding dress and a compliment to the overall […]

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Wedding Reception Dessert Ideas for Couples with a Sweet Tooth
Posted in Weddings
Donut Mind If I Do

Planning a wedding reception is just as detailed as planning the ceremony. There’s so much to decide on including the decor, layout, entertainment, food, and drinks. If you happen to be planning your wedding at one of our NJ wedding reception halls, we have affordable packages, menu options, and food stations to make things easier. […]

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Spring Wedding Fashion Tips for Groomsmen

When it comes to wedding fashions, it goes without saying that the women have it a bit better than the men. With tons of bridal dress designs and styles, it can be easy for the bride and bridesmaids to choose wedding attire. However, most grooms would assume that traditional black suits and ties are their […]

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